Tanya Bennett, Membership and Finance Officer

Tanya Bennett, Membership and Finance Officer

I was widowed in March 2003, through medical negligence, when our daughter was five weeks old. I was extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a very supportive family and network of good friends. However, I didn’t have any connection to anyone who knew firsthand what I was going through - I obviously didn’t look hard enough, but then I found WAY…and what you provide for each other is amazing!

I live on the Manchester side of the Peak District with my two children, although my daughter is now at University in Scotland. We love getting out into the hills as often as possible. Outside of work I’m actively involved in girlguiding and scouting. I also coach gymnastics - both disability and women’s artistic - and rugby, where I'm currently the Club Safeguarding Officer. All my volunteering keeps me busy - some would say “out of mischief” most of the time, and I really enjoy giving something back to the community, and was rewarded with a BEM in the Queen's Birthday Honours list in 2020 for my voluntary services to youth in NW England.

Work-wise I have been in the education sector most of my career but have held a variety of roles including administration and finance within Membership Services and Sports Centre Management. For the last 8 years I have been school-based, taking a term time role in order to support my daughter through her secondary education. She has a slow reading speed, which we believe she inherited from her Dad as it is genetic. As a lone parent I needed to prioritise her needs so spent the latter part of my education-based career in a role that allowed me to be there for her. However, she gained a scholarship to go to university, which freed me up to look for a new challenge, so I joined the WAY Team in 2022.

I continue to be truly inspired by the support you give each other, the scope of which seems limitless and invaluable.

"I really enjoy the support shown in our 'WAY family' and am so excited to continue assisting members to navigate through what WAY has to offer."

Talking to and socialising with others who’ve been through a similar experience can be a lifeline when you’re adjusting to life after loss.  WAY offers an extensive range of support services designed to help you navigate your grief and talk to others who understand your pain.