Maria Margetts, WAY Ambassador

Maria Margetts

Maria has been an active WAY member for five years, and an Area Contact for the West Midlands for most of that time.

Maria explains, “I am honoured to become an Ambassador for WAY, especially for the LGBTQ+ members of this fabulous club of ours.  To say I’m excited, and scared, in equal measures, is an understatement but I can perform the role to the best of my ability and give the widowed community the support they need and deserve, especially in these hard, lonely times.”

As an Ambassador, Maria will help to help represent the LGBTQ+ community as, along with her grief journey, Maria has also been very open with sharing her transition from Daren to Maria. Maria has shared her story in the past with the media, and now feels ready to be open about her transition more widely.  Maria has also been a supportive member of the new LGBTQ+ WAY sub-group.