Louise Dodds, WAY Member

Louise Dodds

Co-opted September 2019 (ratified September 2021)

"I was widowed at 29. My partner, Andy, was killed in a freak cycling accident in Grenoble, France in July 2015. I joined WAY in February 2016. 

At that time all my friends were settled and their lives were all moving forward, until mine stopped. No one knew what to say, how to help me, what to do. And I will admit that I did what other people told me I ‘should’ be doing for the first 6/7 months, until I found WAY. After that, I realised that it was about me. This was my journey and WAY & especially WAYWOCs (the group for WAY members without children) helped me to take ownership of my grief, my life and supported me through my most painful days. Most significantly, they supported me through my brightest ones too. They helped me to see that I deserved to smile again, to be happy and that it was OK to find things to enjoy about each day. 

Taking an opportunity to become a member of the board is my way of giving back to the charity that has given me so much. Being able to help develop and grow the charity, to reach out to others who may need our help is something I feel passionately about. 

With a background in teaching, learning & delivery, as well as management in the financial sector. I have a broad range of skills & ideas that I want to use to help WAY reach those who need our support."

You don't have to face widowhood alone.

If you've lost your partner before your 51st birthday and live in the UK – whether you were married or not, with or without children, whatever your sexual orientation, race or religion – you are welcome to join us.

Joining up to WAY takes minutes and costs just £25 a year, which can be paid either by direct debit or PayPal.