Mike Etherington, WAY Member

Mike Etherington

Co-opted December 2020 (ratified September 2021)

"I was widowed quite suddenly in 2005 after 11 years of marriage to my lovely wife and found myself unexpectedly raising our two children, then age 4 and 6, on my own while dealing with the kind of grief that anyone who’s lost their life partner will understand.

Although my employer, IBM, was very understanding and flexible, trying to balance running their marketing team as well as being Mum and Dad to my kids was a challenge.

Friends and family were all very sympathetic and helped out as best they could, especially in the early days, but they were not really equipped to provide the kind of ongoing support that we found ourselves in need of.

I discovered WAY and immediately started to benefit from the type of support that only fellow WAY members can provide. Over the years, many of the friends I initially made through WAY are still friends today.

Now the kids have left home to go to university, I’ve re-joined WAY and would love to help use some of my work and personal experiences to ensure that all eligible members across the UK know about us and how to engage with the excellent support that the charity provides."

You don't have to face widowhood alone.

If you've lost your partner before your 51st birthday and live in the UK – whether you were married or not, with or without children, whatever your sexual orientation, race or religion – you are welcome to join us.

Joining up to WAY takes minutes and costs just £25 a year, which can be paid either by direct debit or PayPal.