Sarah Bowsher, WAY member

Co-opted January 2024

Sarah joined WAY as a member in 2014 following the death of her husband from a brain haemorrhage. A Chartered Accountant and Finance Manager, Sarah was co-opted onto the charity’s Board as a Trustee in January 2024.

As well as being a local volunteer for WAY, Sarah is also a listener and trustee for her local branch of Samaritans.

Sarah told us: "My husband Chris died unexpectedly of a brain haemorrhage in December 2014 while we were on a short break in Paris, leaving me widowed at the age of 40 with our son aged 8 and my older son from my first marriage who was 14. I was fortunate to have the support of my mum and a few close friends, one of whom directed me to WAY as well as a local child bereavement charity. I soon found a group of local widows who were all keen to meet up. We arranged the first of what became monthly meals out and developed some lifelong friendships. 

Having benefited from the local meet ups as well as the website and Facebook groups, I wanted to support other new widows and became a Local Area Assist for some time, facilitating meet ups and welcoming new members. At the Bristol AGM in September 2023, I heard that there was a vacancy for a trustee with a finance background. As a Chartered Accountant, I thought this would be a way I could use my skills and support the charity. 

Outside of WAY I work part time as a finance manager and also volunteer as a listener and a trustee with my local Samaritans."

If you've lost your partner before your 51st birthday and live in the UK – whether you were married or not, with or without children, whatever your sexual orientation, race or religion – you are welcome to join us.

Joining up to WAY takes minutes and costs just £25 a year, which can be paid either by direct debit or PayPal.