Griffyn, Diversity Working Group Volunteer

Griffyn has volunteered for WAY since 2023, kindly offering his time and experience to support the charity as a member of our LGBTQIA+ Diversity Working Group.


"When my husband died, I felt overwhelmed, lost, and alone. We had a partnership filled with love and strength. We had faced the world together, and he always managed to turn even the hardest moments of pain or bigotry into the most beautiful moments of queer celebration.

Together, we built the home and the family we'd always been searching for.

He died very suddenly, and in an instant, that family was gone. During tough times in the past, I'd always turned to the LGBTQIA+ community for support. I always knew I could feel safe and at home. And I knew that we could get through anything together. 

In all the pamphlets, web links, and support groups on becoming a widow, I didn't know where to find that community. I didn't see many other queer people. And I certainly didn't see any trans people - other trans people who would understand the sorts of conversations, jokes, coming out stories, and support they'd miss from the partner who was now gone.

"I joined WAY over a year after my husband died, because I was still searching for that connection. What I found was a totally welcoming community. Everyone either already understood, or truly wanted to."

Amidst all these fantastic people, I've found a vibrant LGBTQIA+ family.

One that will cry, laugh, dance, get angry, remember, celebrate... just about anything, so long as it's together.

I began to volunteer for WAY early in 2023 because I saw how lifesaving WAY was for myself and for many other queer people. I've known many LGBTQIA+ people who lost partners at a young age, and so many who have worried they won't find understanding and celebration in bereavement spaces. I've continued volunteering because I believe all young widows, especially queer ones, deserve to know there are resources and a caring community here for us.

WAY is doing some incredible work to support LGBTQIA+ widows in all areas of bereavement, especially some that can be unique to our community. 

I look forward to every moment of my time with WAY, even on my dark days. And even on someone else's.

I will always love him. I still don't have words for how painful it is that he's gone. But at WAY I get to spend time with people doing exactly what he did best - shepherding those moments of pain into moments of beautiful queer celebration."

Note: Griffyn uses the word "widow" as an all-inclusive term for anyone of any gender or orientation who has experienced the death of a partner.

Joining WAY

When you join WAY you’ll have access to a community of other widowed people who understand what you are going through. We also have a group specifically for our LGBTQIA+ community.

We are sorry you or a loved one needs to be here, but we all understand how difficult these times can be and we’re here for when you are ready.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering for WAY, please email Veronica here.