Leonie, Area Contact Volunteer

I'm Leonie and I joined WAY in December 2021 after losing my husband Jason suddenly in November 2021.

I attended a few WAY events and found it so helpful to speak to people that 'get it' and are in the same boat.

I describe it as like a baby/NCT group, you need to speak to people going through the same thing to discuss your feelings and actions and thoughts with people in a similar situation.

After a while I realised that after trying counselling and it not for me, I was getting more out of meeting my fellow WAY members so I decided to start hosting events. Mainly lunches and breakfast meets, the occasional night out. 

I found through this, not only was it helping me, it was benefiting others and at the same time I and they, were making a network of new friends.

Over 2 years in now, I have made so many new friends through WAY it has given me a new social circle and some great 'fast tracked' friendships.

Not that old friends haven't been there, but when you find yourself suddenly 'solo' and alone at weekends and evenings you need a group of people also in this situation.

Hopefully by continuing to volunteer, I'm now helping others new to this journey. None of us wish to be in this 'club' but we are, and we make the most of it as best we can.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering for WAY, please email Veronica here.