Sasha, Fundraising Volunteer


Meet WAY’s new fundraising volunteer: Sasha

In January 2023, WAY appointed our very first fundraising volunteer to help support WAY’s fabulous fundraisers throughout the year. 

Sasha will be helping WAY in different ways:

  • by finding fun ways to raise money

  • by supporting other fundraisers – cheering them on both online and, where possible, in person too

  • by encouraging members and supporters to take part in fundraising challenges big and small

  • by signposting people to relevant information.  

Sasha’s story

“I lost my husband, Andy, to bowel cancer in March of last year. I was fortunate enough to have a good palliative care team who introduced me to WAY. It took me a couple of months before the initial shock of Andy’s death wore off, but in May 2022, I took the plunge and joined the charity.

WAY has provided me with a space where other people understand what I’m going through. By joining WAY, you’re not going through a loss of a life partner on your own and the ‘hive mind’ can listen to you, help guide you or even cheer you on. 

I decided to apply for the fundraising volunteer role during a meet up with local members in Dorset. What helps me through this weird new journey is taking positive actions and when discussing the role with WAY’s Community Fundraiser Elanor McBay, it just felt right for me. 

I have always volunteered my time to charity. To me, it’s a part of life to pay things forward. But last September was my first solo fundraiser. I walked 100km in memory of Andy to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Finishing filled me with such joy but surpassing my target amount of £330 to raise more than £1,300 made me proud on so many levels.” 

Sasha is now going to be putting her fundraising skills to good use to help raise funds for WAY so that we can keep providing our vital services to other members too.

“There are lots of fun challenges to sign up for this year, from Tough Mudders to marathons and Dragon Boat races,” said WAY’s Community Fundraiser Elanor McBay. “I’d urge everyone who can to do something – even if you just sign up to Amazon Smile or set up a Facebook Fundraiser. And look out for WAY’s Birthday Balloon race and a spring duck race too! It's fun, you will receive lots of support and you will have a wonderful experience to remember – as well as raising vital funds for WAY.”

Find out more about WAY’s fundraising challenges or drop us a line at