Blank Space: Birth certificate equality for bereaved parents

At WAY we pride ourselves on providing support, free of judgement, to anyone who is facing widowhood at a young age. We are also committed to fighting injustices that young widowed people may face.

Currently, women who are widowed and unmarried have to undergo a traumatic and extremely unclear (and often costly) court process to register their partner’s name on their baby’s birth certificate.

We are working to support those who are currently trying to make sure their baby’s father is acknowledged and to affect change. 

We don’t believe it’s fair that some babies have a Blank Space on their birth certificate where their father’s name should be…

To get involved 

If you’ve been affected by this injustice, do get in touch. One of the things we are keen to document is how many people have been affected. And we also need people who are willing to share their stories to help change the system for women facing these unfair hurdles in future.

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We will be sharing more information in due course. Do get in touch if you’d like to be involved in any way via