What is WAY?

WAY is the only national charity in the UK for people aged 50 or under when their partner died. It’s a peer-to-peer support group operating with a network of volunteers who have been bereaved at a young age themselves, so they understand exactly what other members are going through.

WAY was founded in 1997 and now has more than 3,500 members across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. WAY aims to provide peer-to-peer emotional and practical support to young widowed people – married or not, with or without children, inclusive of sexual orientation, gender, race and religion.

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We have lively social groups that meet up throughout the year – for drinks, meals out, walks and picnics. We organise weekends away for adults and families, go camping, have parties and offer an alternative social life that doesn't revolve around couples. And we have a secure members only website, which offers a safe place for members to meet and chat online.

Despite our grief, WAY members do know how to laugh and have fun. Supporting each other is a great way to learn to live again after the trauma of experiencing a loved one die. And many people have made life-long friendships through WAY.

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