How to Apply for Bereavement Benefits

After a decade-long campaign, we are delighted that cohabiting parents with dependent children are finally able to apply for bereavement benefits.

The changes mean that cohabiting parents and carers whose partner dies from 9 February 2023 will now be able to make a claim for Bereavement Support Payment, as long as they satisfy the eligibility criteria. 

As many as 21,000 bereaved parents who missed out on these payments because they weren’t married or in a civil partnership may also be eligible to claim for retrospective payments dating back to August 2018. Some of these families will have been bereaved as long ago as 2001.


The deadline for cohabiting parents to claim full retrospective bereavement benefits closed at midnight on 8 February. Those bereaved on or after 6 April 2017 may still be eligible for some backpayments until 8 November 2024.

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