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WAY offers a unique peer-to-peer support network to anyone who has lost their partner at a young age. We know that talking to and socialising with others who have been through a similar experience can be an enormous help when you are trying to rebuild your life after bereavement.

If you were bereaved when you were aged 50 or under, married or not, with or without children, whatever your sexual orientation, race or religion - you are welcome to join WAY.

Membership costs just £25 a year, and includes many benefits

click here to register online now 

Alternatively you can request a paper application form to apply offline, please email our membership coordinator to be sent one in the post or by email on

What Happens Next?

Once we receive your application and payment our membership coordinator will check your information and then send you a verification code in the post. Please allow 7 days to receive this, and email us if it hasn't been delivered within this time. We post the Verification letter to you to confirm that you reside at a UK address, and that the address corresponds to the details that were entered upon registration.  You cannot access the Members Only website until your membership application has been processed and verified for security reasons.

Once you have received your unique code you will need to input it into the website, along with your chosen username and password, to verify your membership and gain full access to the Members Only area.  You will then be able to see and contact other members near you, keep your personal details up to date in your account and be able to set your preferences for events and notifications. 

Following your account activation your details are sent on to the volunteer Area Contact in your group who should contact you soon after joining.

You will receive our WAY Forward magazine in the post three times a year and an email newsletter once a month - please remember to keep your details up to date in your online account to ensure you keep receiving these.

We are sorry you’re eligible to join us. 
But we're glad you have found us.

Are you 51 or over?

Our constitution limits us from enabling those aged 51 or over at the time of their bereavement from joining WAY. You are still able to join, and remain a WAY member, past your 51st birthday if you were bereaved before then.

If you are age 51 or over, we strongly encourage you to join WAY Up, a lively group of widowed men and women that is flourishing across the UK.
Most WAY Up members are aged 52-65 and they offer each other support and friendship on their forum, as well as holding gatherings and parties that are becoming the stuff of legend.

Time to renew?

If your annual WAY membership is up for renewal all you need to do is log in to your member account on the website, and renewing your membership is quick and easy via our online payment system.

To continue attending local events and holidays, receiving WAY magazines and email newsletters, and getting access to our members only web community, you need to keep your £25 annual membership up to date.