Stuart's Story

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Hello, my name is Stuart.

I was 38 when I lost my wife Vicky after a lengthy battle with breast cancer in 2011. She was just 35 and we hadn’t had the opportunity to start a family because of the treatment.

It’s (not) funny how people drift away once the main event is over. The six months immediately after Vicky’s death were without doubt the loneliest I have ever had to experience. It was at that point that a chance remark aimed at someone else led me to WAY. All I can say is that I very much wish it had happened sooner.

Stuart and Vicky

From feeling like I was totally alone, suddenly I was part of a community where everyone understood and helped one another with support and advice. Being able to talk to others in similar circumstances allowed me to do more than just wear the mask that became part of my every day wardrobe. It finally allowed me to be me – sadness, tears and all.

Nearly three years on from being widowed, I would describe myself as ‘a work in progress’. There are of course still bad days, normally in the weeks preceding an anniversary. But they are less frequent now. And because of the friends I have made through WAY, I know that they will pass.