About the Big Picnic

Oxford Big Picnic

Have fun and help to spread the word about WAY!

WAY’s Big Picnic is an annual event which takes place in May each year at locations all around the UK. Last year, WAY had more than 30 picnics in all 4 corners of the country. It is the only event where members can bring along friends, families and supporters to connect with others and see the power of WAY’s peer to peer support in action.

Our Big Picnics are a chance to come together for a weekend of friendship and awareness raising. 

Any style of picnic goes, so why not be creative and come up with a fun way to get involved: 

How to get involved:

  1. Find a picnic near you.

  2. Invite friends and families to join you – or even somebody in your community who you think may benefit from joining in.

  3. Check out our Big Picnic resources to help you with your day
  4. Join in with our challenges and competitions throughout the weekend

  5. Even if you can’t make a picnic, you can still help….tell everybody you know about WAY and the good work that it does.

  6. Share photos and information about the charity on social media – tag us at @widowedandyoung and use the #waybigpicnic hashtag

Thank you for supporting WAY and helping to raise awareness