Fundraise for WAY in MAY

May is proving to be THE month for fundraising for WAY.  Read below to find out which challenges you can take part in and help us raise money to support WAY and its members.

Which challenge will you choose? What about all 3?

Please share your fundraising challenges with us, so we can celebrate with you and inspire others! 

Good luck and thank you! 

The Captain Tom 100 Challenge is a traditional fundraising challenge over the Bank Holiday May Weekend (30th April to 3rd May). 

To honour Captain Tom’s incredible fundraising efforts last year, his family have launched a fundraising weekend where everybody can get involved and fundraise for their chosen charity. 
The idea is to use the number 100 and do it your WAY - whether that is 100 laps of a pool, 100m sprint, hula hoop 100 times, 100 burpees, eat 100 sweets, read 100 books….the list is endless.

You can find out more here...

5k in May for WAY
There is also the opportunity to be part of something equally as big throughout the whole month – 5k in May (for WAY).

This national campaign is again on the back of a successful fundraising initiative from last year.  Run for Heroes raised a phenomenal amount of money with their innovative ‘Participate in a 5k, Donate £5 and Nominate 5 others’.

The 5k can be walked, run, skipped, rolled, cycled or be creative – 5000 steps, 5000 star jumps, 5000 puddle jumps! It is fully inclusive and this does not involve setting up a fundraising page – just participate, donate here and nominate 5 others who will then hopefully do the same for WAY!

To sign up for this initiative please follow this link.

London 2 Brighton - Virtual Challenge

In addition to these national campaigns – WAY members are busy doing their own challenges – Walk this WAY 2021 are a team of incredible WAY members who are taking on part or all of the journey from London to Brighton – on foot!  Already they have raised well in excess of £10,000 for the charity.

If you feel able to support them, you can donate here – OR if you want to join them, virtually, and get your own medal and buff while raising money for WAY, keep an eye on this page for the opportunity to sign up for the virtual version of this event which can be done at any time over 2 weeks from 17th May.