Fundraising challenges at home ideas

 Virtual Social Events

  • Get quizzical – Hold a quiz night over webcam for family and friends ask those wanting to take part to make a donation.  
  • A Night at the movies! Use the Netflix Party Chrome Extension and host a stay at home movie night for you and your friends, heat up the popcorn, log in from your sofa and donate the cost of your cinema ticket.
  • Fancy dress at home – Hold a Virtual fancy dress party made from items you have at home! Meet up online and donate the cost of your costume.  
  • Virtual dinner party – Hold an online video dinner party for friends and family. Or get competitive and set up your own Come Dine With Me challenge! Maybe donate the cost of your meal back.  
  • Classic Contest – Challenge your friends and family to a favourite board game online, bingo over video chat, a poker night, a chess tournament, maybe with a donation made per entry!

Virtual races/challenges

  • Use the space you have to safely exercise within Covid-19 Government guidelines to complete a virtual race or challenge! Maybe a virtual 10k in the garden, climb a mountain using the stairs, dust off the exercise bike to complete a cyclethon or see how many miles you can clock up in a month….

Family challenges 

  • Sponsored Silence - Set an amount of time for everybody to stay quiet – how else can you communicate? Donations as motivation.
  • No Tech Day - Switch off phones, TVs, ipads, laptops, kindles, Xboxes, Playstations etc….Sponsorship donations given.
  • Readathon - How many books can the family read in a set time (24 hours/days/weeks?) – guess the number of books with prize for the closest guess (donation to take part in guessing) or set a reading challenge to read a set amount of books in a given time – donations given for the challenge. 
  • Garden Obstacle Course/Circuit Training – Challenge the family to take part in an obstacle course (mini-mudder?) – sponsored for a set number of obstacles or set time to complete it.

Think outside the box…

  • Get Creative – Use your creativity to help raise funds for WAY! Sing a song, write a poem, craft or draw. You can send these to people online or at a later date.
  • Run a tutorial – Use your knowledge and skills to teach your friends something new online such as meditation, yoga, crafts, IT skills, a language or cooking tutorial.
  • Chop your mop – Now is the time to try out a new hairstyle and make it count for charity – this could be videoed live to really help boost fundraising. 
  • Birthday fundraisers – Ask people to donate the cost of a drink they can’t buy you at the pub just now or a donation in lieu of a gift. These can easily be set up on fundraising sites or using Facebook donate or JustGiving!