How You Can Fundraise for WAY

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See below for ideas for both large and small Fundraising events you could hold to raise money for WAY, or what you can make and sell for us. 


There are also all the details you need on using online fundraising tools to make and collect money, where to send your collected donations, and any laws & regulations you need to be aware of.

Set up a Just Giving Fundraising Page  

Set up a Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page

Any comments, suggestions, hints and tips are gratefully received! Just drop us a line on


A Race - Fun Run/5k/10k/Half Marathon/Marathon/Tough-Mudder/Iron man. Any of these can be done on behalf of WAY and we even have running vests printed with our details that we can give you!
Why not run for more than one charity and can split your sponsorship? Online platforms such as ‘Virgin Money Giving’ will let you set this up automatically. Unfortunately we are not a large enough charity to get our own places in Marathons, but would really appreciate anyone who gets a ballot place to consider fundraising for us whilst running. 

Find YOUR challenge, 2019

  • A Special Event Ball/Dance/Concert/Party/Picnic/Golf match. Quite hard to organise, but reaps rewards - we hope to have the resources soon to help people organise large events like these. Quite often these are done through workplaces or large companies, which also help with attendance and donation rates, however they have also been organised successfully by one person with only friends, family or colleagues attending.
  • A Sponsored….. Head Shave/Silence/Bean Bath/Bike Ride/Swim - the possibilities are endless!! We have a sponsorship pack in progress to be able to either send out to you, or download from the website.
  • A Stall You can take a stall at any event you can find; Christmas Fair/Summer Fair/School Fair/Car Boot/Village Hall/Bring & Buy Sale/Carnival/Church Event /Indoor market /Outdoor market and sell whatever you do best, or what you can get your hands on. Ideas for what to sell on a stall include cakes, books, plants (this is a great one if you are good at cultivating seeds or cuttings!), cards, second hand goods, or hold a Tombola/Raffle (please see the Laws & Regulations section regarding the last two). Ideally the stall won't cost you too much - you could always try to haggle with it being for charity - as you will take your costs out of the total amount raised (unless you want to donate those too?) and just give us what is left, plus any direct donations.
  • A Celebration - Many of our members and their family ask for donations to WAY at their weddings or other celebrations, or in lieu of Christmas or Birthday cards/gifts.

Things to Make and Sell

  • Cards - Handmade cards are still very popular, especially at Christmas. Either a percentage of what you sell all year round, or cards made for a specific event with all the proceeds donated is a great way to raise funds for us. Attend an event, sell online, take round to local schools/workplaces/cafes etc.
  • Handmade Crafts - Anything that you can make & sell could be used as part or full fundraising for WAY, however please ensure that any items made adhere to Health & Safety regulations and hold any relevant certifications of safety required.
  • Retailers – If you, or someone you know, owns a business why not consider donating a percentage of sales from a certain item, or for a certain period of time, to WAY? Many people in the past have chosen an item that is slightly bereavement related, a range of stock that needs a sales boost, or takings from a certain day in the month/year and donated between 5% and 20% to us. Please email us on if you would like to choose WAY as your nominated charity, and we can publicise this online and via social media too!
  • Second hand Goods – If you are having a clear out, you could save yourself a trip to the tip and raise some money for us at the same time! There are many ways you can turn your unwanted belongings in to money for us – some are listed below in the online section, but in terms of events why not go along to a Bring & Buy sale, hold your own yard sale, or pop along to a Car Boot sale and see how much you can make?

Online Fundraising Tools

  • Ebay – If you visit and save us as your favourite charity, then any time you sell anything on Ebay you can choose to donate up to 100% of the final sales fee (not including postage – you receive the money to cover that) to come straight to WAY with no extra effort needed by you!
  • Easy Fundraising – visit and create an account (you can sign up with Facebook to make it quicker if you like) and you can then search for any donations offered by retailers through shopping on their site. An even easier way to use this service is to download the toolbar: which will alert you to available donations whilst you browse the internet as normal. There are many other similar services to this that you can use, such as – if you find one that we haven’t registered for yet, please just drop us an email so that we can do so, and start to receive funds.
  • Clothes For Charity – This is currently our version of a charity shop! Very easy to sign up to at and then search for us under ‘Social Welfare Charities’ within the charity sectors. It works by them posting you a sack to fill (minimum 15kg of clothes, but it is surprising how quickly you fill this!!), then you book a slot for courier collection online and they pick it up from your work or home address at no cost to you.
  • Just giving – This, and other similar platforms, can be used to gather donations and sponsorship money. You will need to create an account, and then find us to link the donations to our account – some sites enable you to raise money for more than one charity at once, with a percentage going to each of the causes you care about.

Online giving sites include:

Any fundraising you can do for us is very much appreciated, and if you have cash or cheque collections/ donations then the easiest way by far to get that money to us is to pay it in to your own bank account, then donate it via the Just Giving site. If you do this, and are a UK Taxpayer, then we can also claim Gift Aid back from the government (at no cost or hassle to you, or us!!) which can often be a substantial amount. If you have a cheque that is made out to WAY, please contact us to find out the best place to send this to for us to bank.

Laws & Regulations You Need to be Aware of

The Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 covers things such as Raffles and Tombolas.

Raffles: you can hold a raffle WITHOUT a lotteries licence as long as all tickets are sold during one event/day and drawn on the same day. This is usually during a fete or dinner; cloakroom tickets are used and sold to the people attending the event, and the tickets are drawn & prizes allocated during or at the end of the event. This type of raffle CANNOT be used over any longer time scale, or tickets sold to people who are not at the event. Any other raffle needs a licence and specially printed tickets – please get in touch if you would like to hold a raffle for us this way.

Tombola: Usually held during a fete, fair or carnival. There is no special licence required, as long as the raffle procedures above are followed.

Collecting: There are many different forms of charitable collections, and all have different rules associated with them. Some of the most common are:

Street collections - If you are holding a collection in the street, you will need to obtain a licence, either from your local authority, or if in greater London, the Metropolitan Police.

Private collections - If your collection is still open to the public, but being held on private property such as within a shopping centre or rail station, you must obtain permission from the landowner or manager.

Static collection boxes - Boxes must be secure and tamper proof. You do not need a licence to place these in a shop or business, just permission from the business owner.

House-to-house collections - Licences must be obtained from the relevant local authority or Metropolitan Police.

Please contact us for advice if you are unsure on