Widowed by a RTC

Hello, my name is Elanor and I’ve been a WAY member for many years. My partner, Robin, was killed riding his motorcycle home along London’s busy roads on my last day at work before maternity leave. I gave birth to our daughter 18 days later. 

That’s a lot of trauma all together and I had to focus on my daughter and rebuilding our lives. It was therefore a while until I found and joined WAY but I wished I had done it sooner. The simple fact of being able to talk to people in a similar situation who understand without explanation what you’ve been through was so important and helped me to put things in perspective. Meeting up with fellow widowed people helped me feel normal and showed me that I was coping and the support for each other within WAY is so precious. 

If you find yourself here under these difficult circumstances, know that you are not alone - there is help and support and friendship here in WAY. 

Hear from our members

Joining WAY

When you join WAY you’ll have access to a community of other widowed people who understand what you are going through. You can access events organised across the UK, a telephone support line, a subscription to our members magazine and helpful resources to help you understand your loss.

We also have a a subgroup for those who have lost their partner from or following an RTA/RTC so that members can discuss both their loss and any more specific issues arising from their bereavement with others who understand.

We are sorry you or a loved one needs to be here, but we all understand how difficult these times can be and we’re here for when you are ready.