What's going on during Black History Month

Instagram Live Discussions

Our Black History Month 2023 Instagram Live conversations on Tuesday, 17 October and 24 October at 8pm were hosted by Shalini Bhalla-Lucas.

17 October: Shalini talks to WAY member Selina about her story and offering her thoughts and tips on the challenges of navigating finances after losing your life partner.

24 October: WAY member Johanna shares her story for Black History Month with our Instagram Live host Shalini

You can watch them back on our Instagram reels here.

Member Quiz Nights

WAY’s very own Friday night Quiz Master, Scott, included dedicated Black History Month rounds in his regular weekly member's quiz - including Black history, Black music and Black stars of the TV and entertainment world. 

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Member Book Club

WAY members read and discussed two books recommended by Diversity Working Group members Ruba and Selina as a chance to reflect on some of the themes raised by Black History Month. (Member-only event)

You don't have to be a member to read the books - find the recommended reading below.

Recommended by Ruba, Black Widow by Leslie Gray Streeter

“As Leslie herself writes in the sub-title of her book, this is a ‘sad-funny journey through grief for people who normally avoid books with words like “journey” in the title’. Leslie tells the story of the loss of her husband Scott to a sudden heart attack with humour, honesty and charm. She provides a completely atypical and refreshing way to navigate grief not only as a young widow, but as a young Black widow who fell in love with and married a white Jewish man, and who also happens to be in the process of adopting a son, Brooks, with Scott before Scott’s death. Most of all, the book is a brave account of Leslie’s survival through the impossible.

Recommended by Selina, The Urgent Life by Bozoma Saint John

“The Urgent Life is a book I was desperate to read, whilst trying to navigate grief and running a business. It’s written by a very successful businesswoman called Bozoma Saint John. I wanted a book that could help me understand how to keep going in work and business, but it is ultimately her story of multiple losses, her interracial relationship, relationship breakdown after the loss of her child, and the getting back together when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She has learnt so many lessons from experiencing these losses, which includes the importance of appreciating life and living it urgently.” 

Black History Walks and Tours

We also encouraged our members, volunteers and friends of WAY to take part in walks and other events throughout Black History Month.