Member stories for Black History Month

Two members of our Cultural Diversity Working Group – Selina and Johanna – are sharing their stories during Black History Month to explain the challenges they have faced as young Black widows, and to offer advice and tips to others who are navigating similar journeys.

Woman and man dressed for a wedding


Selina was busy planning her In her wedding to fiancé and partner of ten years, Ray, but everything was put on hold when Ray was rushed to hospital during his father’s funeral. He had been caring for his dad and he hadn’t been feeling himself for a while. Tragically, he suffered a heart attack in the hospital and was never able to come home. 

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Black woman in front of a white background


Johanna was widowed aged 39 in May 2018 when her husband Mike died from a Glioblastoma – the same type of tumour his mother had died from 18 years previously. He died within three months of diagnosis. They had been together for nine years and married for four years.

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