Widowed within the LGBTQIA+ community

Jo, Chair of WAY

Hi, I’m Jo . Apart from being chair of WAY I'm part of our LGBTQ+ community and work with the many members, staff and volunteers to help make WAY the amazingly inclusive and supportive group it is, whoever you are. 

Our many and varied LGBTQ+ members provide amazing levels of support to each other through all the channels available to our members. From chats to subgroups to meet ups and events. 

WAY supports anyone aged 50 or less when they lose a loved one. When my wife died in April 2017 I was devastated and didn’t know where to turn for support. I discovered WAY and met a community of wonderful people, some married, some not, some with kids, some not, from all walks of life, cultures and sexual orientations. It took me strength to join but it’s the best club that nobody wants to belong to. When you find yourself in our situation it’s the best place to be.

Peer to peer support brings empathy and understanding, people you can talk to that truly get what you're going through and a group of like-minded people that are there for you every step of the way. 

Read on to learn more about what WAY can bring, to help you in what is the most difficult of times.

WAY’s LGBTQ+ community is wide and varied. With over 500 of our 4500 members identifying as LGBTQ+ you’ll find a host of members that are going through the same as you.

Hear from our members


WAY Pride logo

Pride events in the UK are celebrations of diversity and inclusion and an opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community to be visible and celebrate their identity. As a charity, WAY Widowed and Young is proud to support Pride events across the country – as well as showing that this is support out there for members of the LGBTQ+ community who have lost their life partner.

There are lots of ways you can celebrate, raise awareness and encourage unity during Pride.

Joining WAY

When you join WAY you’ll have access to a community of other widowed people who understand what you are going through. We also have a group specifically for our LGBTQIA+ community.

"The LGBTQ+ group is a little glittery place of fabulousness filled with people who are looking after each other and shouting out for each other."

WAY member Suzanne

As well as our LGBTQ+ group, you can access events organised across the UK, a telephone support line offering counselling, legal and financial support, a subscription to our members magazine and helpful resources to help you understand your loss.

We are sorry you or a loved one needs to be here, but we all understand how difficult these times can be and we’re here for when you are ready.