WAY members fly the flag at Pride

Glasgow Pride

WAY’s Volunteer Manager, Veronica, attended Glasgow Pride, locally known as Mardi Gla, along with Glasgow volunteer, Marie. The atmosphere was incredible and this year is claimed to be the biggest Glasgow Pride yet, with an estimated 50,000 attendees.

WAY Volunteer Manager Veronica with Volunteer Marie attending Glasgow Pride to raise awareness of the support WAY offers

“It was a privilege to be flying the WAY Pride Flag at Mardi Gla - sharing in a very special celebration of inclusion.

It’s so important that people understand that WAY’s definition of ‘Widowed’ encompasses EVERYBODY who has lost their life partner before the age of 51 - it is that which bonds us.

We all bring with us different circumstances, life experiences, personalities and relationships but we can support each other through out untimely bereavements. WAY’s peer-to-peer support is second to none.” - WAY Volunteer Manager, Veronica

Trans Pride

WAY member and volunteer Griffyn attended Trans Pride in London waving his WAY flag and helping to raise awareness of the support WAY offers.

Griffyn flying the WAY Pride flag at Trans Pride

"Through the rain and sun (and rain again!), there was an amazing turnout at London Trans Pride! Being there as a WAY member and volunteer made it extra meaningful to me this year.

For me, Pride is about celebrating the support we give each other as a community through the best and very worst times in each others’ lives. And I’m proud to know WAY is there for me and all trans widows who lost a partner at age 50 or younger. Not just accepting us but actively working to support us as unique trans individuals through an incredibly difficult experience. “ - Griffyn, WAY member

WAY strives to be fully inclusive for our diverse membership.

Part of the work to ensure equality and inclusion for all has been the creation of Diversity Working Groups. The aims are to make sure members feel included and supported within the charity and also to help raise awareness of the charity within the wider community so that people who need the charity know that they are welcome.

WAY provides peer-to-peer emotional and practical support to ALL young widowed people – married or not, with or without children, inclusive of sexual orientation, gender, race and religion.

We have a subgroup of LGBTQIA+ members who share their experiences and arrange meet ups and we also have a diversity working group that is looking at ways to make sure more people in the LGBTQIA+ community are aware of WAY’s peer support network. To find out how to join the subgroup, please email enquiries@widowedandyoung.org.uk