Membership Benefits

Services available for members include:

  • Access to a community of other widowed people who understand what you're going through.
  • A wide range of peer-to-peer support groups that are unique for many different types of loss, interests and spiritualities.
  • Access to events organised across the UK, including social events, meals out and weekends away. 
  • Telephone confidential support line run by fully-trained counsellors and support specialists.
  • Access to our Book Library.
  • Helpful resources to help you understand your loss.
  • One year subscription to our members’ magazine and updates by email and on the members only website.
  • Network of volunteers who have all been widowed themselves, so they understand how it feels.

"My WAY friends have made me feel alive again and made me understand my feelings are valid and I do matter." - Sweena

“The support has been just brilliant.

It’s just being able to have a network of people who get it, people who understand the situation.” - Gary

“It’s the worst club to be a part of, but at least there is a club.” - Pete