Peer to Peer Support Groups

Within the WAY community, there are lots of various online support groups for many different types of loss, interests and spiritualities.

Here are just a few of our private, members-only groups: 

Arts - A group for members to share and discuss the Arts, Artists and display their own work.

Under 35 - A group for those 35 and under at the point of bereavement.

Children - We have two groups, a group for those members with Children and one without. 

LGBTQ+ - A group for those members who are also a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Man Cave - A safe place for Men to chat.

Cooking - A group for WAY members to post about favourite recipes, questions and shopping tips. 

Military - A group for WAY members whose spouse or partner were employed by HM Forces or a similar military organisation, at the point of death.

Mental Health - A group for members of WAY who have additional mental health or neurodivergent condition separate to their bereavement e.g., personality disorders, depression, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, autism and learning difficulties.

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