Social Events

WAY members celebrating New Year together

WAY has members across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and there are lots of local activities and events that members can get involved with, if they want to.  Some areas are more active than others but all members are given contact details for other people who live near them, so they can always find someone to talk to or meet up with for a coffee or a drink.

Typical events include pub evenings for adults, picnics and park days out with children, meals in restaurants and ‘at home’ evenings in members’ houses where people can get to know other members in relaxed surroundings.

WAY members skiing

Holidays with WAY

WAY has also organised some very successful holidays over the past few years, giving members the opportunity to take a break with people who understand how hard it can be to go on holiday after the death of a partner.

A WAY holiday in Scotland

Recent trips have included New Year’s skiing trips, Father’s Day trips to Dorset and Derbyshire and an annual trip to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest, which attracts more than 250 WAY members and children.

WAY AGM celebrations in Southampton


WAY also organises an annual general meeting every year that’s much more fun than it sounds! It gives members the chance to discuss the future direction of WAY as well as offering the opportunity to let their hair down. As one member said after our AGM in Edinburgh: “I have never known a group of people to party as hard as the 170 widows and widowers who were in Edinburgh this weekend!”

“When I went to my first AGM seven months after my husband died, I can truly say it was the first time I breathed properly since his death. Just having a weekend of feeling normal again was a God send. Not to have people looking at me with sorrow or not knowing what to do if I had a cry, because everyone there was going through the same thing and knew just what I was feeling. WAY helped me to breathe again and made me realise I can live this life without Matt, even if I don't want to.”


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