WAY's Patron

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Until 2011, Good Housekeeping’s Editorial Director Lindsay Nicholson was the patron of WAY. She lost her husband to leukaemia in 1992, when she was four months pregnant. Tragically, she also had lost her eldest daughter Ellie to leukaemia in 1998.

In spite of the huge hurdles she has faced, Lindsay’s career as a journalist flourished. After her husband’s death and the birth of her second daughter, she was appointed launch editor of Prima and was made editor of the year. While Ellie was ill, she launched two new magazines as well as holding down her job at Prima. For seven years, she edited Good Housekeeping magazine and went on to become editorial director of the National Magazine Company, which owns Good Housekeeping.

In January 2007, Lindsay faced a new challenge: she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, true to form she was not defeated by her experiences. She wrote a very popular blog about living with cancer. Read more...

Lindsay has also written a memoir – Living on the Seabed – about losing her first husband and daughter Ellie.

Read a Guardian article by Lindsay Nicholson about grief.