Member Benefits

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For an annual membership fee of just £25, members have access to:

  • social activities in regions across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for adults, children and families
  • weekend trips and holidays across the UK and abroad
  • a secure, members' only website with forum and chatroom, the ability to contact other members nearby and all over the country, and an events calendar
  • a regular newsletter and monthly enewsletter
  • access to a free, confidential 24/7 telephone helpline, offering counselling support, personal legal advice and financial information, as well as health advice across a range of medical and wellbeing issues
  • an AGM held in different parts of the country each year
  • information about other organisations and counselling groups.

“Finding WAY and being able to talk to other people who really understand what losing a partner is like has been an enormous help to me. In particular,the online chatroom has on many occasions, especially in the evenings, been the only place I could talk about how I was feeling.”
- Peter

WAY members

Talking to other members

One of the things WAY’s members appreciate most is being able to talk to others who have been through a similar situation.

WAY’s members only website offers a chatroom for online support and some much-needed laughs when life gets a bit too much - and a link to members right across the country.

“Just knowing there are others who really understand how you feel and truly want to know how you are makes getting through the day just a bit easier. Knowing I could log on and sound off without people thinking I was crazy or too dramatic helped and still helps immensely. It feels like a safety net, there if and when you need it.”
- Samantha