Andrew's Story

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My wife died on Christmas Day 2010 from cancer, suddenly and unexpectedly. She was fit and healthy and looked after herself, but cancer doesn’t always respect these things.  She was 40. We’d been together for 18 years, having met as students, and married for seven. Our daughter was two years old.  

Three years on and me and my daughter are doing OK. It’s been a tough journey, still is sometimes. But we’ve got a routine that works and we’re finding our way.

I work four days in computing for a very understanding employer, and we get lots of help from wonderful grandparents and an amazing childminder. Many fantastic friends support us along the way too. We’re enjoying life now – we’re just back from an excellent skiing trip, and we love weekends away with our WAY friends too.


WAY has been a lifeline to me in the three years I’ve been a member. Being widowed in your 30s, as I was, even with wonderful supportive friends and family, it’s easy to feel isolated and like a freak – like nobody understands what you’re going through. 

WAY allowed me to contact people who really do understand.  We help one another out through social events, holidays and online forums, and we have a lot of fun.  It’s great for the kids too, who can also make friends who really get where they’re coming from. 

Andrew is running the London Marathon and Edinburgh Marathon to raise funds for WAY. Support him if you can…