A Song for WAY

October 2018

Since WAY member Emma Newton Taylor was widowed nine years ago, she has turned to music to give her a focus and to help lift her spirits.

She has spent the last few months writing and recording a song that will resonate with many WAY members – on the perils of finding love online.

“The idea for writing Online Love came to me after I had been chatting to someone on a dating site for more than several weeks and it was going nowhere fast!!” says Emma. “I’ve found you just need to be cautious when you put yourself out there, and this is what I based the song Online Love about.”

Now Emma would like to raise funds through her song for WAY’s Memorial Fund, which helps WAY members who are struggling financially to go on weekends away – as well as offering help with membership fees.

“When I first joined WAY, it was it a lifeline for me, and my two young boys,” says Emma, who wants to help reach out to other young widows and widowers who would benefit from WAY's support network.

You can listen to the recording of Online Love on Soundcloud for free using the link

If you enjoy listening to it, please give a donation to WAY through the Virgin fundraising link and tell everyone about it, to share, and donate here...

Thank you!