Getting away with WAY

September 2019

Holidays can be such a difficult time when you've been widowed. This summer one of our members, Alison, took the plunge and went away with 14 other WAY members and their families. Here's her story…

"I have just come back from a truly amazing holiday in Tenerife with 14 other families that I friended through WAY. Only a few people had met before the holiday but we had never met as a whole group until we all arrived at the hotel.

We came from various places from the south to the north of the UK. We were all here for different reasons but all sharing the same sad losses.

The experience was phenomenal. We laughed, cried, we had a few drinks and we partied hard. The children also made wonderful friendships too. What was amazing was how everyone, including children, were able to open up and share their locked away feelings and thoughts. Yes, there were some tears but so much comfort was shared by all.

If you’re in a position to go away and don’t want to do it alone, I totally recommend going away with WAY. It was a very casual holiday booking of originally two WAYers (me and Juliette) that grew in time to 15 adults – we were 41 travellers in all with various ages of children. I would never have done it if Juliette hadn't invited me to go away in the first place! And we're hoping to do it again next year."

Here's a photo of Alison and her fellow travellers...