WAY Community Fun Day

May 2022

Running alongside our Big Picnic weekend, we were excited to host a WAY Community Fun Day in Birmingham on Saturday, 21 May as part of WAY's 25th anniversary celebrations.

Taking place at St Martin in the Bull Ring, in the heart of Birmingham, the event started with a relaxing guided yoga session from WAY Widowed and Young member Orla. 

Orla said: 

"Guiding some gentle, loving yoga today for Widowed and Young in the beautiful St Martins. Meeting and chatting with others who have been widowed young and eating lots of donuts. I know it is scary to get out and meet people when you are at your lowest and feel isolated and raw, but you will soon feel at ease at any of the very many Widowed and Young events. From small coffee meet-ups to fantastic holidays, to gentle rambles all whilst in the company of others who simply “get it”. If you live in the UK and widowed at the age of 51 or under, please look them up."

Throughout the day, there was a chance to socialise, take part in arts and crafts activities, and see a fabulous photography exhibition from WAY member Richard Cranefield, Photographer which beautifully portrayed the stories of those who are widowed young. 

Member Rachel said: 

"Enjoyed catching up with friends and also talking to @rich.photog about his project @the_one_who_chose_me - really interesting, affective work "

Later on in the day we were joined by Jenny Thomas Jammers Midlands for a dancing workshop where members and supporters worked up a sweat dancing the Charleston.

The dancing group said: 

"We ran a taster class at our local Widowed and Young charity community event. It was great to have some of their community take part in our class and even better to see them leaving with a massive smile."

Thank you to everybody who helped to make the day a success! 

Dancing Group at Birmingham