Wise words on World Kindness Day

November 2019

This World Kindness Day, we wanted to share with you some wise words from one of our members, Corrina, about the small acts of kindness that made such a big difference to her when her partner died...

"There’s no replacement or magic wand to replace our partner. But sometimes the smallest gestures mean so much....

  • the friend who left a packed lunch on my doorstep because she knew I was in, knew I didn't want to see anyone, but also wanted me to eat
  • the friend who brought me a bra when I was staying at the hospital with Nick and I had forgotten to pack one
  • the friends who took me out 3 days after Nick passed away and let me get roaring drunk and cry a lot before they took me home safely
  • the friend who came to his funeral and didn’t try to speak to me, but just wanted me to know they were there. And have continued to be there
  • the friend who didn’t say anything but sent me a copy of Nick’s favourite song
  • the friend who forced me to get out of my pyjamas to go for lunch
  • the friends who mention his name. Who tell me stories I didn’t know, or acknowledge how much Nick would love a place we’re visiting
  • the friends who share their stories with me, and allow me to share mine

I hope you have friends like this, and if you don’t, I hope you find them. I hope today brings you a small act of kindness, because nobody should have to face this alone."