All the threes: How virtual bingo launched a lifelong friendship

July 2024

They say three’s a crowd, but for Amanda, Angela and Theresa, it’s just right. Their friendship blossomed over a game of online bingo organised by WAY during lockdown, and since then they’ve built a bond that grows stronger with every call of “all the threes”. They take up the story…

“Our eyes met over a crowded Zoom, bingo dabbers in hand, at the beginning of lockdown. Little did we know, this virtual bingo game would be the start of a beautiful friendship. Through the charity WAY Widowed and Young, we connected during a game of online bingo that was set up during the pandemic and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Over the last four-plus years, our friendship has blossomed through various WAY events, both online and in person. From WAY Big Picnics to weekend adventures at PGL and Conkers in Derbyshire we’ve built a treasure trove of memories. Our camaraderie has even extended beyond events that have been organised by WAY – we’ve enjoyed hotel weekends away, caravanning trips, days out and even the Caravan & Camping Show.

Although we may seem an unlikely trio – with different ages, children at different stages and diverse lifestyles and locations – our friendship just works. Initially drawn together by a shared understanding and support, we’ve since found joy in making the best of life for ourselves and our children. We laugh together, cry when life gets tough and support each other through thick and thin, whether in person or over the phone.

Most Friday nights, you’ll find us chatting away, and throughout the week, we message each other along with our other WAY friends. Our children also love spending time together, even though they are at different stages of their childhood and grief journey too.

We couldn’t imagine life without these true friends by our sides and the other friends we’ve met along this unexpected journey. Here’s to many more adventures and making lasting memories.”


●      Friendship between us and our children

●      Rapport with each other

●      Insight into a future we can build

●      Empathy, understanding the journey we’re all on

●      Never willing to give up

●      Driven to succeed in life

●      Support through the highs and lows

●      Humour through the good times and the bad

●      Ideas on how to move forward

●      Partnership, we’re in it together

So, here’s a bingo shout-out to friendship and to the dabbers that brought us together. B-I-N-G-O and F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P, may our numbers always be called and our hearts always be full. Cheers to many more bingo nights and shared adventures!