Building friendships through grief

May 2024

Katie and Nat joined WAY after losing their husbands Oli and Steve in December 2022. Katie was 31 and Nat was 34 at the time. 

Nat reflects  "I reached out to Katie via WAY after discovering she lived nearby and our friendship was immediate. We instantly felt at home in each other's company and finally able to talk about the realities of being young widows. We spent hours walking the Thames and talking non-stop about our experiences - how things had changed, the challenges we faced and how important it was for us both to live full and happy lives in our husband's memories. 

We're both naturally positive people and believe that's what drew us together. We were simply unwilling to let grief take us down, and knew that in those moments of sadness, we could rely on each other to work through the feelings and pick us back up. 

Right from those early days, we knew we wanted to share our experience. We knew we wanted to talk honestly about what being a young widow is really like and we wanted to help others who might feel the same. Widowhood is hard, but we were determined to turn our circumstances into something positive, and offer something to give others hope. We launched @thosetwowidows in February this year and we're very excited to air the Those Two Widows podcast very soon!"