Corporate support: announcing a new partnership with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

December 2023

We are really pleased to be announcing another exciting partnership this month, this time with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, who have been supporting WAY with fundraising and legal advice over the past four years.

In December 2019, WAY’s Head of Operations and Partnerships Colette was invited by Senior Associate Solicitor Louise Forsyth  to lead a session at Irwin Mitchell’s offices in London about WAY. She spoke to a group of 30 solicitors detailing the charity background and also focusing on the needs of the bereaved. Following this, throughout the pandemic Irwin Mitchell became a fantastic supporter of the charity, taking part in our online Big Picnics as well as giving Colette further opportunities to speak with the wider Irwin Mitchell offices through Teams calls.

Over the following years, Irwin Mitchell has supported WAY through various fundraising events, joining us in the Dragon Boat race in 2022 and 2023 as well as taking part in the Santa in the City Run in 2022 and 2023. In addition to the fantastic fundraising, they have supported our team and volunteers by giving access to meeting rooms, working with the Operations Team to support our campaign work and providing us with specific resources for our members, including helping us create resources for our Blank Space campaign.  

Throughout 2023, the Operations Team has been working with Irwin Mitchell to create a more defined and structured partnership, which we were thrilled to launch during National Grief Awareness Week and share at the company’s bereavement conference in Liverpool on 5 December. Colette was invited to speak about the work that WAY does to support the bereaved from her own personal experience as well as her role within the organisation.

“It is such an honour to be working with Irwin Mitchell to create such a strong partnership,” said Colette. “Over the years I have seen first-hand how supportive and empathetic the whole team is, not only with their day-to-day roles, but in the work they do to understand and support charities. To have the opportunity to discuss the history of our charity and the continued work we do through peer-to-peer support and campaigning, to support those who have been bereaved young, is an honour.”

Support provided by Irwin Mitchell

As part of the partnership, Irwin Mitchell will be taking over the financial and legal helpline for WAY members from 4 December 2023, offering tailored support to WAY members.

They will also be:

  • Creating joint promotional materials

  • Creating joint awareness campaigns

  • Supporting members with legal advice through clinics, podcasts and webinars on an ad hoc basis

  • Supporting WAY Operations Team and volunteers to create a toolkit to support members.

We are incredibly grateful to be able to bring this support to all who have been widowed at a young age, thanks to the expertise provided by the teams at Irwin Mitchell.

To access the financial and legal helpline, please log in to our Members Hub or join WAY here.

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Hear from Irwin Mitchell Senior Associate Solicitor Louise Forsyth explain why she is so passionate about supporting WAY.