Creature comforts - International Dog Day

August 2020

On International Dog Day we share stories from WAY members about how their beloved dogs have provided comfort in their grief. 

Veronica told us "Rua the Red Setter was the last birthday present I gave my husband.  He had been desperate for a dog and loved red setters.  10 months before his sudden death, I gave in and Rua became part of our family.  Rua is a lively dog and our house is never dull with her in it.  Although in the early days of grief, she could feel like an added burden, she also forced me outside into nature where I learned that my grief could be soothed.  She was also a lovely evening companion and filled the empty space on the sofa.  My daughters dote on her and she continues to be a link to their dad.  She drives us mad and makes us laugh every day, in equal measure." 

Lee told us “Since Marie died - Jake has been my saviour. He feeds my soul. As he did just as lovingly for Marie. Not only that - he was also Marie’s saviour - in so many way, not least of all, that it was Jake who actually alerted Marie that she had cancer. It was he who discovered the lump and let Marie know there was something wrong. It gave her the chance to at least fight it and have the precious time we had together. Which we would never have had otherwise. Totally indebted to him forever”.

Stacey told us "I lost my husband suddenly in 2017 and was completely lost. However, I have found that my dogs have been a welcome distraction from the reality of grief. I have spent hours walking and found the outdoors combined with the peace and serenity of my surroundings helped me process what had happened. My dogs and all they bring, has shown me that moving forward is possible and there’s nothing better than wet nose kisses and doggy cuddles at the end of a hard day!"

Ian told us "We got Scout when we lost our older dog 3 months after losing Jo. She made me smile in the early days, and training her gave me another focus. Walking really helped my mental health and she got me out of the house every day, even when I didn't want to. Getting her was definitely the best decision I could have made."