Helen Bailey Awards Nominees 2022

May 2022

Congratulations to all of our wonderful nominees, who have been put forward for our 2022 Helen Bailey blog award for best WAY blogger.

Here's a little bit about our nominees and the blog they have been nominated for: 

Emma C

Blog nominated for: Life Is A Rollercoaster - https://lifeisarollercoaster.co.uk

“I never imagined that it would resonate with so many people. I’ve been repeatedly humbled over the last 15 months by all the messages I’ve received about it. But this nomination is the most humbling of all. When I was told about it, I cried. It means the absolute world to me. I feel indebted to everyone who has been a part of this journey with me.”

Emma W

Blog nominated for: Widow All At Sea - https://widowallatsea.wordpress.com

Originally from London and now living in Northern Ireland, Emma is 37 and has a four-year-old daughter. Her husband Mike passed away in October 2020 at the age of 42.

Emma started her blog, Widow All At Sea, to help her process the loss of her husband, but also to pass on some of the things she has learned about grief, solo parenting, navigating the world as a widow and how to start to live again in the face of tragedy.


Blog nominated for: Widow From The Island - https://widowfromtheisland.blogspot.com

"Pain, sorrow and love are universal themes. When you speak from the heart, language is irrelevant. I would always encourage others to write, to detangle feelings through the written word. I also like writing about joy, the journey of widowhood has lows and highs so I wanted my blog to reflect that.”


Blog nominated for: A Widows Wanderlust - https://awidowswanderlust.blog

In 2018, Lucy was widowed at the age of 33 when her husband Omid took his own life after struggling with depression and anxiety for five years. Their daughter, Ava, was just 11 months old. 

Before Covid struck, Lucy was planning to travel around Europe in a campervan and she started writing her blog as a way of documenting their trip and providing other single parents with tips for travelling solo. She soon found the platform useful as an outlet for her grief. She writes particularly about the unique nature of suicide bereavement and hopes that reading her work helps others going through similar experiences.


Blog nominated for: https://rachelemoss.com

Rachel writes honestly and compassionately about navigating the landscape of grief while raising awareness of gaps in mental health service provision in the UK. Her posts on how to support a recently bereaved person and on the ways grief works have resulted in many comments and emails from readers saying they see their own experiences reflected in Rachel’s writing.


Blog nominated for: Still Making Lemonade - https://www.stillmakinglemonade.co.uk

“Writing was a safe space for my vulnerability, engaging with my grief and processing the impact of young widowhood on my life. I would not have been able to predict how much more it gave me when I started to feel a sense of purpose – helping others that have been dealt this life-altering hand with explaining their experiences, helping them to feel less alone and normalising some of their feelings.”


Blog nominated for: The Widows Handbook - https://www.thewidowshandbook.com

Suzanne was widowed at 50 when Tim died suddenly from heart failure linked to his type 2 diabetes. She started writing The Widow’s Handbook in September 2021, three years after Tim’s death. The aim of The Widow’s Handbook is to provide practical help and resources for people who are widowed from the perspective of someone who gets it. Suzanne said it allows her to write about Tim, and has helped her to work through some of her grief.