International Plant Day

April 2024

On International Plant Day, two of our Members discuss how nature has helped in their grief and how they have been able to share this with other WAY Members through the Member's Groups.

WAY Member Paul reflects back on how nature has been part of his grieving journey:

Looking back it was the dogs and my garden that gave me purpose in the early couple of years both were a huge distraction and gave me some kind of peace in the dark depths of despair , its been 7 years since I lost Kaz and I've lost the last couple dogs in the past few years , but I still have the garden for which I'm grateful, I was never green fingered as the garden was Kaz's love , but I have grown fond of my little patch and do my best to keep it looking neat & tidy which in turn brings some sort of achievement


Was great to sit out and find peace on a nice day

WAY Member Nerys discusses how nature has given her hope on the darkest days:

I planted borders and pots of wildflowers in 2020 to keep myself busy and to give us something nice to look at.  My Husband was ill and so everything changed. I’ve carried on doing it every year. Some years a great success and others not! Up and down and unpredictable like the grief journey we are on. But just one flower or butterfly can cheer me up.

WAY Members have access to groups where they are able to share interests and hobbies with other Members throughout the UK, helping them to build their new normal.