Jonathan's Story: Volunteering for WAY

December 2022

On International Volunteer Day and we would like to say an enormous thank you to our volunteers; they do an incredible job supporting our 4500+ members across the UK and they make such a huge difference. We spoke to WAY volunteer, Jonathan about why he decided to give his time.

Jonathan's Story

WAY Volunteer Jonathan with husband Martin

“I became a member of WAY in March of 2016 after my husband Martin died suddenly aged 36 of a heart attack. It was five days before his 37th birthday. I was 32 at the time. A friend who works with Cruse suggested WAY to me.

In the July of 2021, our dog Suzie died. She was 17 and 4 months. After a few weeks, feeling a bit lost I thought about giving something back to WAY.  I have always been a giver and already had 2 adopted Donkeys and regularly donate to the PDSA and Barnados. So I reached out to WAY to find out about volunteering and decided on being an online volunteer. Since then I have also volunteered to support my local area, helping admin the local Facebook group and helped to organise the Big Picnic in my area.  

I believe that giving something back is important. As the first same-sex widow in 2016, there wasn't anyone out there for me. When WAY created a Diversity Working Group for the LGBTQIA+ Community, I put myself forward for that too.

International Volunteer Day logo

"I think having representation of different communities within the charity is important. As an out, gay, widowed man, I can relate to many and a few."

Volunteering for me, especially for WAY, makes me proud. I am proud that I can help people see that there's a place for everyone including those of the LGBTQIA+ community."

Volunteer for WAY