Jurassic Challenge for WAY

May 2019

Please show your warmest WAY support for Clare! 

On 8th June Clare will be starting a 2 day challenge to complete 100km along the Jurassic Coast. Raising funds for Sarcoma UK and WAY, helping us support more young widows & widowers.

Clare told us why she decided to raise funds for WAY  "They have been a tremendous support recently. It makes a huge difference talking to people that “get it”. So many similarities run through the lives of these lovely but bereaved people. Had I not been told about this charity by a lovely doctor from St. Peter’s hospice, I wouldn’t have known anything about it. By fundraising for them I hope to give back a small piece of the support shown by them & their members (none of whom ever dreamt or wanted to fulfil the requirements of joining the group); in doing so, I hope to raise their profile & make them known to others who could use the same kind of support that I have found by joining."

Please join us in wishing Clare all the luck in the world, to find out more and to offer your support please visit her fundraising page.