London Marathon: Going the extra mile to support WAY

April 2024

We are delighted that two people ran in the London Marathon to raise funds for WAY Widowed and Young on Sunday, 21 April 2024.

WAY member Jeremy found WAY after his wife died in 2016 and received support through local meet ups in Gloucestershire. 

He told us: “At my first WAY meetup I met other people in a similar position to me who actually understood what I was going through.

During the following weeks and months, I ventured out more and have made some very close friends who I don’t have to explain myself to. They just understood.

I am running the London Marathon 2024 to help raise funds for this charity so they can continue to support people like me navigate their journey following the loss of a partner.”

After the marathon, he said: "The crowd and support along the route was amazing and so encouraging even at the tough times over the last few miles. The knowledge that so many people had sponsored me was also a motivator to keep going."

Our second runner, Tom, is the son of one of our members. Tom, 25, told us: “In 2016, we very sadly lost my step dad - my sister’s dad - Tom, far too early to a short illness. Particularly for my mum and my sister Phoebe, losing Tom saw their world turned upside down. 

Adjusting to life post-Tom was, and in many ways still is, a near impossible task. But in the months after, WAY provided what help they could to mum in adjusting. At a time that naturally can feel very lonely, speaking with others in a similar situation, who understand what you’re going through, can be invaluable. And so I wanted to help facilitate that support by raising what funds I could via the marathon.

It’s important for people to show support for WAY to help people like my mum recover from the loss of a loved one far too early. And to support me? I guess just to give me as much motivation as possible to do my absolute best on 21 April, because I’ll owe it to everyone who chooses to support me and the cause.”

Together, Tom and Jeremy have raised more than £4,500 for WAY!!

It's not too late to show Jeremy your warmest WAY support here

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Congratulations to our two fantastic runners - and to everyone else who ran in the 2024 London Marathon!