Making memories together on Father’s Day

June 2023

A group of 55 WAY members and children spent two days together in Derbyshire over the Father’s Day weekend making new memories and finding friendship, support and understanding.

Activities ranged from go-karting and kata canoeing (which basically consists of strapping two canoes together and hoping it goes in a straight line!) to making memory jars and biscuits for Father’s Day.

“This is the sixth time we’ve run this trip,” said Colette Scarbrough-Jelfs, WAY’s Head of Operations. “It’s such a lovely weekend and a lot of people didn’t want to leave on the Sunday."

One of the attendees, Amanda, told us:
“We went to this event last year and knew we would book again because we enjoyed it so much. Our twin boys, now 6, were so excited about seeing their friends again and going back to the activity centre. And it definitely didn’t disappoint.”

“For anyone new to this journey that no one wants to be on, please take that first step and try an event. You won’t look back – I certainly haven’t,” she added.

“Roll on next year when we hope to be back in Derbyshire with fellow WAYers again.”

WAY Father's Day event 2023