Mandy Burrows Awards Nominees 2022

May 2022

Congratulations to all of our wonderful nominees, who have been nominated for their outstanding contribution to WAY in 2022.

Here's a little bit about our nominees and why they have been nominated: 


Johanna was nominated for her support setting up a group about complex grief 'WAY A different kind of grief' where members have a safe place to chat to other members whose grief is complicated by additional factors.

Johanna said: "The benefits of volunteering for WAY are immense. Being a WAY volunteer gives me a sense of purpose and offers me the chance to give back to an organisation that has directly and positively impacted on my personal life."


Scott was nominated for arranging various quizzes and bingo, helping to support other members to connect when needed.

"My advice is there is no such thing as “I can’t do that“ or “I am not good enough” - there is always something you can do even if it’s as small has co-hosting bingo or helping out on a quiz. There is always a way to help out."


Lisa was nominated for setting up a subgroup for fellow geeks and nerds called 'WAGANs'. 

"Setting up and running the group has given me a sense of family and support. In losing Gary, I lost my chance to have a child, who we had planned to raise as an ‘uber-geek/nerd’, but now I feel like all of the WAGANs are my kids!"


Orla was nominated for setting up weekly yoga sessions and a group where members can talk more about yoga, relaxation, mindset and positivity. 

"The benefits of volunteering for WAY are immense. Being a WAY volunteer gives me a sense of purpose and offers me the chance to give back to an organisation that has directly and positively impacted on my personal life."


Becky was nominated for her support across multiple area groups and organising events, making people feel comfortable, welcome and for supporting their wellbeing. 

"Being with others who have lost such a special significant person and talking/sharing experiences with them is like finding my tribe. WAY has given me a social life surrounded by others who understand that I can laugh and cry in the same moment." 


Tracey was nominated for her hard work in creating and maintaining the Secret Santa every year for both children and adults.

"The secret santa has grown over the years and last year over 300 people received gifts... keep your eyes open for 2022's call for santas!" 


Charlotte was nominated for her openness and honesty throughout her journey and normalising grief. She is also active on the social platforms and always comments on everyone’s posts with useful and supportive contributions.

"I think being so open about how I’ve felt throughout my journey has helped others in that sense, being able to relate to things I’ve shared. I know some people struggle to find the words to express themselves so seeing it in the words of another can be helpful."


Claire was nominated for organising and hosting weekly WAYWOC Sunday zoom calls and for always being welcoming and helping to promote events.

"I knew a lot of people felt like me that Sundays are the hardest day and having something regularly planned has meant there is something to look forward to. I love running the Sunday evening calls and meeting new people and chatting with the regulars and the not so regulars. There have been lots of friendships developed from these Sunday chats and events suggested and planned. It has been amazing to meet many of these members in real life."


Ed was nominated for his amazing dedication to fundraising and taking on multiple challenges. 

"Like most WAY volunteers I don’t do it for thanks – ask anyone who knows me and I hate compliments or gratitude! But I do it to help those at the beginning, early days of their grief journey or those who’ve yet to find WAY.  We all remember how devastatingly horrible grief is at the very beginning, and if I (and the other volunteers here) can help make that easier than that’s thanks enough."


Kat was nominated for going above and beyond in support of newly bereaved members and giving them both practical and emotional support. 

"It is very rewarding and a privilege to be able to be a point of contact for those who are sadly eligible to join WAY. I have been a member for nearly 8 years now and I'm quite sure I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of WAY."


Rebecca was nominated for her dedication support all members- new and old. She helps to gives advice, support and comfort to those in need. 

"Sometimes helping others helped me process my grief more than anything. Often, the main thing people need is to just feel heard. To know that other people relate to what they are saying. This kind of bereavement is so isolating because the person you would normally turn to for support is not there. Sometimes people just need to hear “I understand, I’ve felt that too; you’re not alone”.


Steven was nominated for sharing his journey with others and inspiring hope for people earlier in their journeys. He frequently sends messages of support to those who are struggling and helps to welcome new members by encouraging people to attend local meet ups.

"Being a part of WAY has helped, as people who've not been widowed simply don't get it. I enjoy organising local meet ups and the outdoors as I've found the fresh air really helps with mental health and meeting others you can sometimes get new perspectives on things and bounce ideas off one another."