Marathon efforts for WAY this weekend

September 2021

We are thrilled that four WAY members are taking part in the Virtual London Marathon this weekend. Our four fantastic runners are:

Please do show our WAY runners your warmest WAY support as they limber up for this weekend’s marathon efforts. We will be sharing their progress via social media over the weekend.

Read below to find out more about their stories...

Jane’s story

“I was introduced to WAY only two weeks after losing my husband Alex in August 2018 in a motorcycle accident on his way to work. I will never forget saying those words to our children… ‘I’m so sorry… but Daddy died this morning in an accident’ knowing that I had to break their hearts and our lives would never be the same again. I was seeking support for our three children, and someone was kind enough to say ‘but what about some help for you?’ and gave me the contact details for WAY. 

I registered with WAY that same day and I can only describe the support I have received as being my oxygen mask! I have been able to travel this journey with those who ‘get it’ no matter what point I’m at in my grief, and that in turn has given me the strength to help our children through the worst time of our lives. It has enabled me to seek advice and support when those around me genuinely could not empathise, even though we were surrounded by people who love us. I didn’t know anyone else who had become a widow so young, and I felt lonely and isolated. 

I am delighted to be running the Virtual London Marathon 2021 and fundraising for WAY. If Alex could do an Ironman triathlon, I can do a marathon. I know he’d find it hysterically funny I’ve finally agreed to it, but he’d be my biggest cheerleader.”

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Karen Williams’ story

“When I became a widow in January after the passing of my childhood sweetheart John, my whole being and purpose was turned on its head. When you have shared all of your adult life with someone, you miss not just them but the person you were with them. Joining WAY and taking part in the Zoom sessions has given me the opportunity to share my ups, downs and stories of me and my life as it is now. 

I saw the email regarding the fantastic opportunity to apply to run the Virtual London Marathon on behalf of WAY, I just thought why not apply and see where this chapter leads me. Also being able to raise some money for the charity that helps people and families like me. My family and friends have been so supportive of running the marathon and to be honest it’s amazing what you can do/achieve even in the darkest of times.”

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Karen Williams

Karen Whybrow’s story

“I am doing this crazy running thing in aid of the most amazing charity WAY. It’s a peer support charity for those widowed before the age of 50 and it is the most fantastic community of people. These people see us at our worst and give us a safe and supportive space where we can share in our grief, our darkest fears and thoughts without judgement. They are also there for the positives too as we slowly allow happiness back in and allow ourselves to grow around our grief. All this is done with kindness and often a healthy dose of humour that only someone who has loved and lost as we have will understand. 

As we know, Covid has had a massive negative impact on many things including charities. I wanted to do this to give back to the charity that supported me and the girls in the most awful time of my life following Ben’s death. Life is hard but I can do hard things.”


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Karen Whybrow

Fiona's story

"I with the support of my colleagues at Bakerwell Limited as a representative of @buildingSUSSEXconnections will be taking part in the London Marathon (virtual (only in that is not in London - we will be walking in Sussex which means so many more hills)). We will be raising funds for WAY. Please contribute as much as you would be prepared to pay to avoid walking this stupidly long distance all in one day, that means a lot. Thank you."

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Fiona Baker & team