Marking Father's Day

June 2021

Father's Day is an incredibly difficult date for many WAY members - for so many different reasons. Whether they are parents themselves or whether they have never had the chance to have a family of their own.

That's why we were so pleased to be able to hear from illustrated Gary Andrews (known as Gary Scribbler) as part of our Instagram Live series on Sunday, 20 June.

Gary has been doodling about his grief journey and has inspired & helped so many others in our situation.

Gary's wife Joy died suddenly when she was only 41 from sepsis. Gary shares his story of having to be both Dad and Mum to Ben and Lily, whilst juggling work too.

He has used his artistic talent and voice to talk through 'the everyday' of his grief journey and showed widows all over the world that they are not alone.

His beautiful book 'Finding Joy' is available at all good book shops.

Catch up with Gary's TAWK over on our IGTV channel here...