Mother's Day: Tips from Widowed Parents

March 2022

Ahead of Mother's Day, WAY members with children give some tips to fellow widowed parents about how to cope with a difficult day.

Rob: Our school has made Mother's Days, "Give a gift to somebody you love" day. It is in response to our situation, which is very considerate of them, but equally they have said they are going to keep it as there are lots of reasons mum is not there. It was pointed out that there is a child with two dads for example. My daughter has bought my sister a Mother's Day card and gift.

Lucy: I give mine some money to get something and they hide it. This year school was doing secret gifts for £1.50. They are so excited they have already blurted out that they both picked a magnet!

Ella: Give a heads up to a trusted friend or relative who can help your children get you something for Mother's Day.

Victoria: It is a difficult day. In the past I have tended to try and avoid going anywhere I might be reminded of it on the day itself. But that also involves avoiding shops in the run up to the day too, which isn't always possible.

Anna: So I'm spending it with my mum and I'm sending my late partner's mum some flowers from my daughter. For the Dads out there whose children don't have a mum anymore, maybe they can send their mum's mum something.

Jane: Speak to your children about Mother's Day. Widowed dads, ask how they'd like to spend it, have some suggestions on what you could do to remember Mummy, things she liked, places they've been, can be as simple as a local park making daisy chains or painting rocks.

Hannah: I would say do what suits you and sending love and respect to all the solo Dads whose heart will hurt that little bit more on Sunday.

Ewan: It's our second Mother's Day without the girls' mum but this year we are sitting down and making cards together (they don't want to do it at school). This is a step forward because last year the girls didn't want to do anything. We've also made Mother's Day into Daughter's Day so we can not only recognise their mum but I can recognise how awesome my girls have been. So whilst they are making Mother's Day cards, I'll make a Daughter's Day card.

Theresa: I'm going to buy myself a plant get my 3 year old to help me choose it and tell her it's my Mother's Day present. Also booked for us to go out for roast. I decided to celebrate it as a special day with her because that's what it is. I'll miss Tony – it's the first Mother's Day without him – but I miss him every day. I've also bought his Mum some flowers as I don't think she should miss out either.

Lucy: Do something you like doing as a gift to yourself. That could be a day at home doing no housework or cooking.

A dad holding a child on the beach at sunset with the words Thinking of those being both parents this Mother's Day