New fundraising challenge: WAYmoreSTEPS

August 2021

A September Step Challenge for WAY members, their families, friends and supporters.

September can be another challenging month of change for WAY members – the seasons start to merge; children go back to school; life can quieten down again after the summer months.

BUT – you can turn September into something positive through the power of your feet!

Nature and exercise are two well-known and researched tools for supporting our mental health and both have helped countless WAY members with their grief. Join us for WAY’s September Step Challenge, “WAYmoreSTEPS” and make a difference to WAY while also helping yourself.

• Log your weekly step count, challenging yourself to do WAY more steps in September.

• You might want to aim for the traditional 10,000 steps a day, or double what you already do, from 3000-6000 - or go crazy and go for a mega September total of hundreds of thousands of steps! 

• You might team up with family, friends or with WAY members to challenge each other to do more each week.

• You might get children involved – walk to school more than drive or evening walks together

• Raise awareness for WAY by sharing your challenge on social media using the hashtag #WAYmoreSTEPS

To sign up, simply create a fundraising page on any platform and fill out the WAY fundraising form by clicking here

Whether you raise £10 or £1,000, every penny will help WAY to continue to support members all across the UK....AND you will earn a bespoke medal and certificate by doing so!

The WAYmoreSteps challenge will run from Wednesday 1 September to Thursday 30 September 2021.