"Will there be other people like us?" - Pete's Story

March 2023

Pete and Hattie

In March 2022, Pete’s wife Tahlia was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; she had just turned 40. Their daughter Hattie was about to celebrate her 7th birthday, but tragically, Tahlia died just 11 weeks after her diagnosis, on 8 June. 

When Pete's first WAY Forward newsletter fell onto the doormat, the PGL weekend in February immediately piqued his interest. 

“I spoke to Hattie and she asked, ‘Will there be other people like us’,” he said. “She was very excited to meet other people who understood.”

Pete and Hattie joined us at one of our WAY weekends away at PGL Grantham and were able to meet other families and make new memories.

“When we left Grantham, Hattie said: ‘I didn’t think there were so many of us, Daddy’,” said Pete. “From thinking she was the only one to knowing she’s not alone has made a huge difference to her.”

“It’s the worst club to be a part of,” he added. “But at least there is a club.”

Pete has shared his experience and how WAY has helped him and his daughter in the Spring 2023 edition of our members-only magazine ‘WAY Forward’ which is available to look back on below.

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