Connecting with other WAY members: A jam-packed PGL weekend

February 2024

Nearly 100 WAY members and children recently headed for a WAY adventure weekend at PGL Caythorpe. 

The sun shone for most of the weekend and members and their children were able to connect with others who understand while taking part in activities including canoeing, high ropes and a zip wire challenge as well as testing their knowledge with a quiz.

Large group of adults and children at PGL Caythorpe

One of the attendees, Alison, said: “Thank you for what was a fantastic weekend, our third time now and we will definitely be back next year. It was lovely to see people we have met there previously again and to meet new people. The activities were brilliant fun and such a well organised weekend.”

Another member, Poppy, was attending the PGL weekend for the first time. She told us: “We tried things we thought we couldn’t do and met wonderful people. My usually quiet child found her confidence and has been telling everyone we’ve seen today about all the activities she got up to. Thank you to everyone.”

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