WAY Widowed and Young welcomes new trustee

June 2022

We are thrilled to announce WAY Widowed and Young's new Trustee, Rammi!

Rammi was widowed in 2018, when her husband died of a brain tumour. A non-WAY member, she was co-opted onto the charity’s Board in May 2022 after she approached the trustees to highlight the lack of diversity amongst Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Rammi has a background in political communications, PR and project management and is an active member of Asian Women Mean Business, a South Asian women’s collaborative designed to inspire South Asian women to reach their full potential through personal and professional development. 

Having worked in both the public sector and for the charity sector, Rammi brings a wealth of experience to WAY’s Board. Most recently, she has been focusing on raising her young family and pursuing her real estate and philanthropic interests.

She told us:

“I was pleased to be asked to be a Trustee for WAY Widowed and young this year to help increase diversity and inclusion within the charity. I am passionate about helping the widow community, but also being an independent, empowered South Asian female. I believe I have a real responsibility to share my story and WAY gives me a platform to do this. I am passionate about helping those who don’t usually have a voice, but who have every right to seek support. I want to offer practical support to WAY and its members and hope to speak to potential new members and encourage them to join this charity, so that those from a similar background to mine have a safety net and support system to fall back on when they’re most in need.”


Welcome to the team Rammi, thank you for helping us to make a difference. Please join us in sending her a huge warm welcome. We are still on the lookout for two other trustees to join our board, so please contact recruitment@widowedandyoung.org.uk if you are interested.

Note: Rammi has been co-opted onto the board pending ratification by members at the AGM.